WCAG Check: Testing Digital Accessibility

The EU Accessibility Act is coming. By June 28, 2025, many products and online media must be digitally accessible. Want to test if your website, online shop, video, PDF, and more are accessible? The best tools and tests for a WCAG check at a glance

The Best Tools and Tests for a WCAG Check

If your company falls under the EU Accessibility Act which aims at strengthening digital accessibility, you are required to offer your online media in a digitally accessible manner after June 28, 2025. 

Almost all web content for consumers must then be digitally accessible. There are guidelines for this, summarized in the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). 

Table of contents

WCAG Check: How to proceed

  • Create a list of all affected media.
  • For each medium, find one or more tests and tools in our list below to analyze the digital accessibility of your media.
  • Perform the test with the tool/tools of your choice and save the evaluation.
  • Create a list of which new requirements you still need to implement.
  • Now, it’s about implementing these new requirements as efficiently as possible to achieve WCAG conformity, at least at Level A, perhaps even at Level AA or AAA. This affects the content, design, and especially the coding of your digital media.
  • Contact our digital experts for implementation – we support you at every stage. Feel free to request a free initial consultation. Request an initial consultation by email

1) Tools for testing WCAG Conformity of Websites 

1.1 Browser-based Tools for the WCAG Check


WAI by W3C

The W3C, the publisher of the WCAG standards, lists the most comprehensive overview of tools for websites, documents, source codes, and aspects of the WCAG like contrast. Many filters. 


WAVE offers a list of evaluation tools that identify WCAG errors and also facilitate human evaluation of web content. 


Accessibility Cloud
Test websites and documents for WCAG compliance. Automatic and manual accessibility tests, monitoring, and compliance management. Free test, then subscription-based.


IBM Equal Access Accessibility Checker
IBM provides a comprehensive set of its own tools for auditing websites for WCAG compliance.


BITV-Selbstbewertung der DIAS GmbH
Detailed test report (in the paid version) and a slimmed-down version available for free for WCAG 2.2. Results can be saved.


Various free tools for WCAG website and PDF audits.


The scanning system finds WCAG violations across the entire website and lists them. Recommended actions are also in the browser extension “Accessible Web Helper”. 14-day free trial, then paid options.


1.2 Browser-Extensions

Overview of Chrome Extensions on the topic of WCAG


Google Lighthouse Report
Free browser extension for Google Chrome, “Accessibility” section.


Silktide Accessibility Checker
Free browser extension for Google Chrome.


1.3 WCAG Check via Website Plugin/ Website Extension

WordPress Plugin. Download through WordPress Store. 50 checks, images, links, tables, headings, contrasts, and more. Free.

WP ADA Compliance Check Plugin
WordPress Plugin. Download through WordPress Store. 82 checks, images, links, tables, headings, contrasts, and more. Free version for 15 pages/posts, then multiple paid options.

1.4 Downloadable Programs

Total Validator
Download program that provides a one-page summary of a single webpage. Also available as a browser extension. Free.

COMPLYFirst Element-V
Allows for quick testing of web applications for compliance with (the old) WCAG 2.1.

2) WCAG Audits for Video

Analyzes videos for engaging and truly inclusive video content. Free trial. 

3) WCAG Audits for PDFs

Tingtun PDF Accessibility Checker
Free scan with error feedback, but no improvements. Full check and improvement subscription-based.