Outsource these 9 tasks to AI

Boost your productivity! Let AI tackle the grunt work, from crunching numbers to tailoring customer chats. Embrace AI and make marketing magic happen right now! How so? By outsourcing these 9 tasks to AI tools...
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Tackle everyday’s chores by using these AI tools and save time and money

AI is your best buddy when it comes to streamlining tasks, enhancing creativity, and saving time and money. While AI cannot perform every job, it can easily manage many tasks. Thus, AI has become an indispensable ally for working professionals in their everyday battles. AI’s capabilities are perfectly aligned with the repetitive, derivative tasks that are essential yet time-consuming for marketing teams. We tested 100s of tools and grouped them into the main categories for office workers.
Enjoy our checklist, use the links provided and get going.

The 9 tasks AI can easily take over

Boost your productivity 9 AI tasks

1. Research

The foundation of any strategy is understanding your market. AI can sift through data faster than any human, identifying trends and insights that might take days to uncover manually.

  • AnswerthePublic: The tools listen into autocomplete data from search engines like Google thereby becoming goldmine of consumer insight. Link
  • Google Gemini: Google AI chatbot to ask anything (free). Link
  • Bing AI Search: Microsoft search tool that answers texts prompts/ questions and supports visual search (free). Link
  • ChatGPT: OpenAI’s chatbot to ask anything (free as GPT-3 model). Link
  • Poll the People: ChatGPT-powered survey platform. Link
  • Quid: AI-powered platform for market research and intelligence (paid only). Link

2. Productivity

Increasing your productivity frees up your schedule for other tasks, makes work more enjoyable, and adds a fresh touch to your workflows.

  • Zapier: Automates workflows between apps and services. By integrating AI tools with Zapier, users can automate the collection and analysis of data for market trend analysis. Link
  • Supernormal: Takes meeting notes for you. Integrates with Zoom/ MS Teams/ Google Meet/ slack/ salesforce/ hubspot etc. Link
  • Otter AI: Makes meetings productive and collaborative with live transcription that produces meeting notes with key takeaway. Link
  • Ellie: AI email assistant which writes perfect email replies. Link

3. Summarizing

Whether it’s condensing meeting notes, long articles or analyzing reports, AI can process vast amounts of information quickly, allowing marketers to stay informed without spending hours reading.

  • Nanonets:  AI-powered workflows to uncover insights from any document and automate repetitive tasks. Link 
  • Bearly: Meta AI platform that uses different AI models for research text image generation and summaries of videos customer reviews and more. Link 
  • Explainpaper: Makes papers easy to read: Upload a paper highlight confusing text get an explanation. Link
  • Scispace: Summarizing engine curated for science. Link
  • Eightify: This Chrome extension summarises youtube videos. All you do is provide a link. Link 
  • Munch: Extracts the most engaging and impactful clips from your long-form videos. Link 
  • QuillBot: Summarizes articles, papers, or documents while maintaining the essence of the content. Link
  • SMMRY: Reduces text to the most essential sentences, ideal for quick insights. Link
  • SummarizeBot: Offers AI solutions for text analysis and summarization. Link

4. Presentations

AI can generate presentations from texts, blogs, websites, videos, and more.

  • Decktopus: This presentation generator creates visual presentations for a AI-suggested target group. Link 
  • Uizard: Design and ideation tool for mock-ups prototypes of apps/ interfaces and more. Link 
  • Slides AI: Google Workspace add-on it creates professional presentation slides including a logical order images texts. Link

5. Photo Creation& Retouching

The hours spent searching for the perfect image or editing in Photoshop can be drastically reduced with AI. Beyond retouching, AI can create high-quality images from scratch. This is invaluable for producing unique visual content quickly and efficiently.

  • Adobe Firefly: Market leader Adobe’s version for text-prompted image generation and enhancement, background removal and more (pro users only). Link 
  • Luminar AI: Uses artificial intelligence to edit photos with minimal effort. Link
  • Remove.bg: Automatically removes backgrounds from photos, perfect for retouching. Link 
  • DALL·E 3: Creates images from textual descriptions. Link 
  • DeepArt: Transforms photos into artworks using the styles of famous artists. Link
  • This Person Does Not Exist: Generates photorealistic faces of people who don’t exist. Link

6. Video Creation

Similarly, AI tools are now capable of generating short videos. This can be particularly useful for social media content, where the demand for video is high but the resources for production are often limited.

  • Lumen5: This AI video creator automatically converts articles into engaging videos using AI or transforms zoom recordings into helpful clips. Link 
  • Synthesia: Creates AI-generated videos from text. Link
  • InVideo: Offers an intelligent video maker for quick and professional-looking videos. Link
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7. Personalization

One of AI’s most powerful applications is in personalizing content at scale. By analyzing user data, AI can tailor content to individual preferences, vastly improving engagement rates.

  • Optimizely: Provides A/B testing and personalization. Link 
  • Dynamic Yield: Offers AI-powered personalization across web, mobile apps, email, and kiosks. Link 
  • Adobe Target: Delivers personalized content and experiences. Link
  • Tavus: Record a video. Connect it to your CRM. Tavus will send millions of personalized videos to your customers. Link 
  • Windsor: Record a video. Connect it to your CRM. Windsor will send millions of personalized videos to your customers. Link 

8. Creativity

One of the basic assets in marketing: Creativity. Brainstorm, find ideas for your use case, get suggestions or whole texts.

  • ChatGPT: Prompt it to get the most suitable or wildest idea AI can find. Link 
  • Jasper: AI writing assistant that helps generate content ideas and drafts. Link 
  • Copy.ai: Automates the creation of marketing copy and content ideas. Link 
  • Postwise: This ghostwriter crafts engaging social media posts based on your input. Link 

9. Legal/ Contracts

In most contracts, there are standardized parts and standard wordings. AI can handle these faster and with fewer oversights. It can guard against one-sidedness to ensure fairness to both parties.

  • Spellbook: It uses GPT-4 and other large language models to review and suggest terms for your contracts right in Microsoft Word. Link 

AI tasks: That's our summary

Dive headfirst into the AI era and supercharge your marketing with a touch of tech wizardry! Say goodbye to the drudgery of market research with AnswerThePublic and chat up Google Gemini for the latest trends. Let Zapier and Supernormal juggle your tasks while you sip coffee. Shrink those endless reports into bite-sized wisdom with Nanonets and Bearly. Dazzle in meetings with Decktopus-crafted slides and charm the web with Adobe Firefly’s visual masterpieces. Turn coffee breaks into content creation moments with Lumen5’s video magic, get personal with Optimizely’s custom touch, spark ideas with Jasper’s brainstorming brilliance, and navigate the legal maze with Spellbook’s savvy. Embrace AI and make marketing so effortlessly cool, it’s almost unfair.

If you are interested in AI tools, let us know how we can help. One of our AI experts will get back to you.