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Are you a company in the Baltics wanting to market to central Europe?

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If your challenge involves marketing to central Europe, ask us. Because we boost your marketing activities with online expertise, 20 years of market knowledge, and AI tools.

Seals are known for their energetic nature. They are always in a good mood and ready for action. This is why we are named SEALs. We apply SEO, Performance Marketing, AI tools and a lot of cunning to your marketing. This is how we become door openers and problem solvers. We are based in Tallinn, Estonia, and help our clients market to central Europe.

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You offer innovative products and services? You are known for your innovation in your area and want European-wide customer to know?

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Building and maintaining relationships is crucial in your business culture? This is especially important in the context of the SMBs.

We find customers with the right cultural fit.

Agility is strength

If you, like most Baltic companies, are known for your adaptability and flexibility, that is a strong USP in a traditional central European market.

We let your customers know.

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We are an online marketing agency with a proven track record in EMEA-wide marketing. We use AI-powered tools to implement online marketing strategies across various media, including websites, social media, and Google Ads. Our team is dedicated to assisting medium-sized businesses in Europe in achieving their online marketing objectives.

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