Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s got the best ChatGPT prompt of all?

How can marketers benefit from ChatGPT as marketing assistants? The top 5 ChatGPT prompts for successful marketing:
Best ChatGPT Prompt

How to become a ChatGPT prompt Pro

All marketing teams are regularly looking for new solutions to get leads and new customers. If you want to quickly research topics, find innovative ideas and create creative content, ChatGPT should be your marketing assistant. 

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Why use ChatGPT?

With its impressive ability to assemble concepts, generate targeted content and output different text styles, ChatGPT revolutionizes the work of marketers. But that’s only if we know the right commands, called Prompt in the AI world. We have compiled the 5 best tips for successful prompt engineering in marketing here.

But beware! Before we get into the doing, we need to take a look at the limitations of ChatGPT:

Chat GPT is not good at this

  • Knowledge limitation: the AI model’s knowledge is based on information up to September 2021, and it has no knowledge of events or developments that took place after that.
  • Limited context understanding: sometimes ChatGPT cannot fully grasp the context of questions or sentences and may give inaccurate answers.
  • Lack of reality check: the software tool cannot guarantee the accuracy of its answers and they should always be checked using common sense.
  • Sensitive data: For security reasons, you should not enter personal, confidential or sensitive information such as passwords or financial data.
  • Language barriers: Its strengths lie in processing text in English. In other languages, the quality of responses may vary.
  • Search engines: Some of the text written by ChatGPT is already recognized and classified as AI-generated content by Google and other search engines. Currently it seems that this is evaluated neutrally or possibly negatively. 


Extra tip: Add a personal touch to any ChatGPT text. ChatGPT is your assistant, not the one doing the work.

What ChatGPT is particularly good at

  • Knowledge sharing: Based on its training record through September 2021, ChatGPT can share information on a variety of topics.
  • Problem solving: ChatGPT can help solve problems by providing ideas or step-by-step instructions.
  • Creativity: ChatGPT can assist in generating creative content such as slogans, stories, dialogs or poems.
  • Text generation: the AI model can compose creative and informative texts, including articles, slogans, headlines, product descriptions and more.
  • Translations: The can translate texts into different languages, although my main focus is on English.
  • Programming tasks: I can provide simple code examples and instructions in programming languages such as Python or JavaScript.
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The typical 5 steps in marketing 

For 4 of the 5 typical steps in any marketing project, I can use ChatGPT really well as a marketing assistant.

  • Target definition
  • Understand target group
  • Conception
  • Content creation
  • Evaluation


Re 1) Target definition 

What is the goal of your marketing communication? What sub-goal should the planned new marketing action achieve? This is exactly where ChatGPT cannot help, because determining your current situation and defining your goal is very individual and must be formulated internally by your team. ChatGPT can also only provide limited support in market analysis due to its outdated limited data sets.

Re 2) Understand target group

What problems do your customers have? What solutions are they looking for? 
Here the creation of a marketing persona can help to analyze the deep motivations, challenges, values and preferred information channels of your customers. For more information, read our introduction on Marketing Personas and use the tutorial In 3 steps to your own Marketing Persona.

A second approach is to use ChatGPT.
 Here you can quickly gain insights with the right prompt engineering.

PROMPT: List 10 challenges [target audience] has with [problem].

Example: list 10 problems that a medium-sized craft company has in attracting skilled workers.

Re 3) Conception

Once you have understood your target group, their needs, values and work structures, then it’s time for the conception. Here you can use ChatGPT in many ways:

  • Conception
  • Idea generation
  • Topic research
  • Content Creation: Text/ Pictures/ Script and other Instructions Instructions e.g. for Video Production

This is how you proceed
Give ChatGPT a role and define the expectation (what should be the output? Extra tips: ChatGPT works best if you

  • provide data
  • work with examples
  • use PlugIns (paid version)

PROMPT: You are [role]. How can I get [desired output] as [branch of my company]. List suggestions.
Example: imagine you are employee looking for a new job. List 15 campaign ideas on how we as a middle market company convince new employees.

PROMPT: I am a provider of [products]. How can I reach [marketing goal] with [target audience]. Make 15 suggestions.
Example: I am a manufacturer of safety glasses for manufacturing companies. How can I increase my awareness with buyers? List 15 ideas for marketing channels.

Re 4) Content Creation

This is where ChatGPT really comes into its own. It can

  • Suggest outlines & structure
  • Create texts
  • Check spelling
  • Add quotes
  • Optimize text, for example for readability
  • Change tonality
  • Writing SEO texts with focus keyword
  • Create tables
  • Provide html code

With its big brother DALL-E 2 you can generate suitable graphics and images.

Note: ChatGPT can better serve mainstream than specialized / niche topics due to its limitations (see above).

PROMPT: Create a [tonality] [content type] [scope]. List [reason why].
Example: create a funny editorial for a blog about ChatGPT with 500 words. Go into the top 5 reasons why marketers should use ChatGPT.

Re 5) Evaluation

Use ChatGPT for data evaluation. The best way is to use the Code Interpreter in the paid version (beta version, see below left: Settings). ChatGPT can

  • Extensive data analysis & data evaluation
  • Easy graphical representation of data sets possible as table with columns and rows and visualize as graphs
  • Upload of CSV, PDFs, documents, images possible (Attention, see above: Pay attention to data protection and do not upload sensitive data)

PROMPT: Create a [content type] [data source] with [display evaluation].
Example: Create a table from the uploaded CSV file. List in the columns the company sizes 1-10 MA, 11-100 MA, more than 100 MA; in row 1 the number of people in this group, in row 2 the number of those who indicated they already know our company (previous contact=yes).

Our conclusion about ChatGPT Prompts

ChatGPT is here to stay. The sooner you use it, the more efficient you will be.Because ChatGPT is a powerful marketing assistant that helps teams create creative and targeted content. Its strengths lie in knowledge sharing, problem solving, creativity, text generation and translations. However, its limitations in contextual understanding, current knowledge, and language barriers must be considered. Nevertheless, ChatGPT can provide marketing teams with valuable support to generate leads and acquire customers through efficient data mining and content creation. A conscious approach to its strengths and limitations is crucial for optimal results.

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