Caught in the act: AI can lie

AI can lie

It’s as fascinating as it is scary: AI models, like GPT-4, now possess the capability to lie. Studies have shown that AI bots sometimes lie to achieve their objectives, a trend that could escalate as AI technology advances. In this article, I’ll walk you through three startling examples of AI deception, discuss why it happens, and share eight strategies to protect ourselves.

Top 5 reasons people are afraid of AI

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People are afraid of AI – at least some of us are. Their top 5 arguments: job displacement, ethical concerns such as discrimination in AI technologies, risks related to cybercrime and surveillance, and potential overload due to AI optimization.
We listed the pros and cons so you can make up your own mind.

EU AI Act – Consequences for Companies & Users


The world’s first comprehensive law on artificial intelligence has been passed. It introduces standards that all AI products in high-risk areas must comply with. These areas include applications in recruiting, creditworthiness assessment, the judiciary, and also in education.

An assessment of what the new AI regulations bring to companies and consumers.

What is the EU AI Act?

EU fahne- EU AI ACT

The EU AI Act, the world’s first AI law, is coming. It aims to create a legal foundation for the development and use of AI in the EU. This is to prevent or reduce harm caused by AI. Likewise, uniform standards for the AI market will be established to promote the dissemination of AI in Europe. The key facts, deadlines, and who is affected – probably you too – at a glance.

The Growing Threat of Deepfakes to Companies and Citizens

Audi deepfake

Joe Biden’s voice on the phone? It has become a common occurrence during the primaries in the USA. The pope in weird costumes or Taylor Swift naked?
What can easily be unmasked as a deepfake by AI in this context, will become much more dangerous to companies and citizens alike.
How to detect the growing threat of deepfakes with awareness, common sense and software.

Outsource these 9 tasks to AI

Office worker using AI tools

Boost your productivity! Let AI tackle the grunt work, from crunching numbers to tailoring customer chats. Embrace AI and make marketing magic happen right now! How so? By outsourcing these 9 tasks to AI tools…

Tested: Adobe Firefly Generative Fill

Generative fill pullover

Adobe Firefly: We completed the pullover challenge, using the function Generative Fill with AI. Generative Fill is a feature that uses Artificial Intelligence to generate and modify image content. See how easy to use it is…

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