Digital Accessibility: The 6 Best Reasons for Accessible Media


Even if you are not obligated to fulfill the EU Accessibility Act, you should embrace accessibility. The top 6 reasons for designing accessible media like websites, videos, and PDFs at a glance. This is how your company also benefits from the new law…

WCAG Check: Testing Digital Accessibility


The EU Accessibility Act is coming. By June 28, 2025, many products and online media must be digitally accessible. Want to test if your website, online shop, video, PDF, and more are accessible? The best tools and tests for a WCAG check at a glance

The Growing Threat of Deepfakes to Companies and Citizens

Audi deepfake

Joe Biden’s voice on the phone? It has become a common occurrence during the primaries in the USA. The pope in weird costumes or Taylor Swift naked?
What can easily be unmasked as a deepfake by AI in this context, will become much more dangerous to companies and citizens alike.
How to detect the growing threat of deepfakes with awareness, common sense and software.

Outsource these 9 tasks to AI

Office worker using AI tools

Boost your productivity! Let AI tackle the grunt work, from crunching numbers to tailoring customer chats. Embrace AI and make marketing magic happen right now! How so? By outsourcing these 9 tasks to AI tools…

Tested: Adobe Firefly Generative Fill

Generative fill pullover

Adobe Firefly: We completed the pullover challenge, using the function Generative Fill with AI. Generative Fill is a feature that uses Artificial Intelligence to generate and modify image content. See how easy to use it is…

AI hallucinations: Dangerous black box

AI Hallucinations

AI is the buzzword of the year. Many of us enthusiastically use AI tools – but be careful! AI hallucinations are a big problem.

Why that is and how you can deal with these? We habe the answers as well as a checklist for you for free. Get it here.