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Are you a marketer looking to streamline your work with AI tools? We handpicked 100+ best AI tools for marketers and checked every single one for you. Select your category such as video generation, image, design, audio, wiring and click on the URL. Find the one that's right for you here.
The Top 100 AI Marketing Tools

What AI tools can do for you

AI streamlines processes, enhances decision-making, and provides unprecedented insights through data analysis. It can automate mundane tasks, boost productivity, and improve customer experiences. It empowers marketing executives to make data-driven decisions swiftly, optimizing operations and resource allocation. Furthermore, it reduces human error and enhances efficiency. Imagine a world where you no longer need to:

AI marketing tools

A warning before you proceed

However, before we introduce the top 100 AI tools for marketers, a warning! Make sure you are aware of AI’s challenges and pitfalls.

  1. First of all, the data might not be correct. Double-check and cross-reference the information you get.
  2. Data privacy and security concerns persist as AI systems rely heavily on vast datasets.
  3. Bias in AI algorithms remains a troubling issue, potentially perpetuating discrimination.
  4. One pressing concern is the violation of intellectual property rights. AI tools can inadvertently infringe on copyrights when generating content. As demonstrated by Adobe’s Firefly, which respects intellectual property rights, the ethical use of AI must be upheld.
NameDescriptionCategoryFor whom?Free versionSEO SEAL TipURLRatingSponsoredEditor’s Pick
PromptHeroMeta search engine for image creation searches millions of AI art images generated by Stable Diffusion Midjourney ChatGPTImage Generation MarketingAllYesWe use it for inspiration and image search
Adobe FireflyMarket leader Adobe's beta version for text-prompted image generationImage Generation MarketingDesigners CreatorsNoDefinitely try it if you are a subscriber. Noteworthy: Firefly is trained on using Adobe Stock ergo it respects intellectual property rights. 
ChatGPTChatGPT: Most-spread AI-powered language model triggered by prompts providing text-based answers code and moreImage Generation Marketing Writing TranslationAllYesAlso get the app buy the GPT-4p ro-version for 20 $ /month for complete access and plugIns
ChatPDFlike ChatGPT but for PDFs. Summarize and answer questions for freeImage Generation MarketingProfessionalsYesTry it with lengthy documents like legsl contarcts scientific papers
DeepLTranslates more than 30 languages and offers an AI-based writingtoolTranslation WritingInternational ProfessionalsYesUse DeepL Pro if you have recurring subjects andspecialist terms
Bing AI SearchGPT-4 powered search tool that answers texts prompts/ questions and supports visual search (upload a picture and get information about it)Research ProductivityAllYesChatGPT incorporated in one of the most powerful search engine. Definitely try the new BING
Bing Image CreatorCreates advanced images based on promptsImage Generation MarketingDesigners CreatorsYes25 free credits for new users. It's fun test it!
Stable DiffusionCreates advanced images based on promptsImage Generation MarketingDesigners CreatorsYesNo account needed uses negative prompts try it!
Midjourney Creates advanced images based on prompts via DiscordImage Generation MarketingDesigners CreatorsNoSubscription plan is worth it
DALL-E 3Creates advanced images based on promptsImage Generation MarketingDesigners CreatorsNoCredit-based advanced image generation tool
Notion AIOrganises notes improves texts creates ideas and automates standard tasksProductivity WritingProfessionalsNoGet a demo for free with the support
Slides AIGoogle Workspace add-on it creates professional presentation slides including a logical order images texts.Productivity MarketingMarketingYesUse the video demo on their website for first steps and get results fast
GlaspChrome Extension that lets you quickly capture online content (Articles videos) with colored highlighting options which are then automatically curated to your Glasp homepageProductivityAllYeswhile not strictly an AI tool in the machine leanring sense it is free and we like it!
RationaleThis AI assists business owners managers and individuals in making tough decisions. Enter a pending decision and the algorithm will list the pros and cons as well as a SWOT analysisProductivity ManagementManagementNoWe love it! Being himan means being emotional and if you wonder if you are too emotional use Rationale!
PolitePostUse this OpenAi-based tool to rewrite your emails AI to be professional/ politeWritingProfessionalsNoDon't want to tread on people's toes? Write politely with this AI
GleanAI-powered workplace search that helps you uncover relevant information within your own corporate documentsGeneral ProductivityProfessionalsNoCheck it out if you work for a big corporation
SectaFrom selfies to professional photos with AIImage GenerationDesigners CreatorsNoThe tool takes 25 of your favorite photos (even group photos) and creates hundreds of professionally looking headshots
KickResumePimp your CV! Let AI write or improve your resumeProductivityProfessionalsYesWe created a perfect resume with customizable templates in no time.
BearlyMeta AI platform that uses different AI models for research text image generation and summaries of videos customer reviews and moreProductivity Writing Image GenerationMarketingYesSeems especially handy for summarizing long videos from webinars
SturdySturdy's AI alerts your team to customer-related issues product gaps and revenue risks you'd otherwise missProductivity ManagementManagementNoFree trial and support to ensure your data sources are installed correctly.
Copy AIGenerate copywriting material for your marketing with pre-set tonalities and use casesMarketing WritingMarketingNoCheck it out! We use both and ChatGPT and like how both come up with quality texts
WriteSonicWriteSonic is trained and powered by ‘Google Search’ to generate topical real-time results. Also works with voice commands. AI Prompt Marketplace and integratable chatbotMarketing WritingMarketingNoFunctions like ChatGPT but with access to the latest data from Google. We will start to use the AI chatbot builder that can be easily integrated to your website
WritelyOvercome writer's block and write more content faster. Articles short stories emails and chatsProductivity WritingMarketingNoSeems high-priced for its functions
Write with LaikaCreate your own voice style and brain with LAIKAWritingMarketingYesIf your are an aspiring author who seeks a unique elaborate style this tool is for.
SpellbookSpellbook uses GPT-4 and other large language models to review and suggest terms for your contracts right in Microsoft WordProductivity WritingMarketingYesIf you are not Mike Ross in Suits this tool is for you. It detects missing clauses suggests negotiation and detecs aggressive language.
ExplainpaperMakes research papers easy to readProductivity WritingResearch AcademicYesUpload a paper highlight confusing text get an explanation. Seems easy enough.
DecktopusPresentation generator creates visual presentations for a AI-suggested target groupProductivity MarketingMarketingNoJust type a title to start select and AI-suggest target group (750 AI credits for 9 99 €
LookaDevelop your Corporate Design with this AI-powered logo maker and brand kitDesignDesigners CreatorsYesNice basic tool but lacking the cleverness of a professional designer
Supercreator AICreates scripts and short videosVideo GenerationDesigners CreatorsYesUse the App not the website! Interesting script writing and video creation tool in early access phase. Best view the demo at
Galileo AIText-to-UI tool that generates designsProductivity MarketingDesigners CreatorsYesOne of the best project management tool we have encountered. 14 days free trial.
Vana PortraitCreate a Virtual DNA/ digital self. Use the AI that to understand how you look so that it can create images of you in different settings and realities. Design Image Generation PsychologyDesigners CreatorsYesIt is definitely fun to explore the new you in the Vanaverse! Create a Face/ Body/ Fashion/ Books VNA and much more for yourself.
UizardDesign and ideation tool for mock-ups prototypes of apps/ interfaces and more.DesignDesigners CreatorsYesWe love it. When you are designer: Use it!
RestorePhotosHave old and blurry face photos? Let our AI restore themDesign Image GenerationDesigners CreatorsAI improves your photo. Free credits per day.
SlashDreamerSlashDreamer generates images with Notion. It adds a new command /dream which allows you to write your prompt. The generated images will be generated directly below.Design Image GenerationDesigners CreatorsThe goal is to make image generation with the Notion app frictionless see notion.ai
Remove.bgRemove Image BackgroundDesign Image GenerationDesigners Creatorshelpful tool for background removals
Leiapix ConverterImage processing tool that converts 2D images into 3D picturesDesign Image GenerationDesigners CreatorsLeiaPix Converter lets you turn any of your favorite images into stunning Depth Animations
CutoutProAdds/ removes/ enhances pictures and videosDesign Image GenerationDesigners CreatorsEasy-to-use tool with lots of options. We like it a lot! Definitely try it (5 credits for free)
Reface AIFace-swap app & AI avatar generator. Face can be animatedDesign Image Generation Video GenerationDesigners CreatorsNoImpressive fun feature at 40€ lifetime access
Figma HTML to DesignLeverage an existing website and import its html to FigmaCoding Design ProductivityDesigners CreatorsHelps you start your own designs without building each element from scratch. You can convert any website into fully editable Figma designs.
CleanUp PicturesRemove any unwanted object (or person or text) from your pictures in seconds Design Image GenerationDesigners CreatorsFree starter version. If only that would work in real life 🙂
EightifyThis Chrome extension summarises youtube videos. All you do is provide a link.ProductivityAllTo make a long story….uhhhh…video short: Try this video summarizer. 7-day free trial/ 8$/month (as of 09.2023)
Resume WordedImprove your resume and LinkedIn profile with tailored feedback from AI. Designed by top recruiters.Productivity Marketing CVProfessionalsIf you are in Social Selling or looking for a job: Do use this impressive tool.
EllieAI email assistant writes perfect email repliesProductivity WritingProfessionalsMeet Ellie. She will become your AI email assistant as she learns from your writing style and crafts replies as if they were written by you. Free and licensed version.
Otter AIMakes meetings productive and collaborative with live transcription that produces meeting notes with key takeawaysProductivity WritingProfessionalsYou can switch to autopilot with Otter. Get an AI meeting assistant that records audio/ writes notes/captures slides / generates summaries. Free 7-day trial.
YipConverts texts or website information into a quizProductivity MarketingProfessionalsMore fun and attentive meeting participants wanted? Need to check your knowledge before a presentation? Use yippity to create a quiz.
Whisper MemosQuick thought? Reminder? This speech-to-text-tool records it on your phone and sends you an emailProductivityAllWhisper is one of the few automatic speech recognition systems. Developed by OpenAI: We expect it to become an even more powerful tool.
WebCopilotOpenAI based tool to enhance your text writingProductivity WritingProfessionalsWe like the Social Media suggestions!
MagicalAutocompletion and automation of repetitive tasks especially text writingProductivity WritingProfessionalsThe magical fairy we have been waiting for to automate annoying tasks…
Write Me A Cover LetterCreate a cover letter in seconds using AIProductivity Writing CVProfessionalsUpload your CV input the link with the opening provide your email address and the AI will create your cover letter for 50$.
Tutor AITutorAI creates interactive educational content on any topic by using 7 Layers of AIProductivityMarketingLearn anything. Just start typing and see where it gets you. It's for free (09.2023).
SupernormalTakes meeting notes for you. Integrates with Zoom/ MS Teams/ Google Meet/ slack/ salesforce/ hubspot etc.ProductivityProfessionalsAI–mazing! Free trial.
NanonetsAI-powered workflows to uncover insights from any document and automate repetitive tasksProductivityProfessionalsLess manual effort always sounds good. Free trial.
BoloForms SheetGodCreates complex Excel formulas using plain EnglishProductivityProfessionalsEver struggled with Excel? Let SheetGod help you with three easy steps.
PhotoShedVirtual photo studio services for professional photosImage GenerationDesigners CreatorsCreate new pictures of yourself by uploading selfies. Free trial. Next step: Hire AI-models
GhostwryterContent ideas generator and writing assistant to use with Google DocsMarketing WritingMarketingGoof price-value ratio
WordtuneThis AI writing assistant improves your choice of words it also summarizes texts and videos and finds answersWritingMarketingNoteworthy: The tool is fact-checking 5 sources for its answers enhances credibility
Stockimg.AIDesign media such as logo/ book cover/ wallpaper with a few clicksImage Generation MarketingDesigners CreatorsWe did not like it much.
WindsorRecord a video. Connect it to your CRM. Windsor will send millions of personalized videos to your customers.Marketing Video GenerationMarketing SalesSo useful in the age of personalization!
VidyoAI powered video editing which shortens long onesMarketing Video GenerationDesigners CreatorsShorts are everywhere. So use it for your youtube Shorts/ Instagram/Tiktok.
Typli.AIExtraordinarily easy text creationMarketing WritingMarketingLess is more. 7-day free trial
TavusRecord a video. Connect it to your CRM. Tavus will send millions of personalized videos to your customers.Marketing Video GenerationMarketing SalesSo useful in the age of personalization!
StylizedTransforms a raw picture of a product in a professional product photo Image GenerationDesigners CreatorsEasy and fast and impressive result especially because of the background replacement.
SwagAICreate clothing prints wardrobe using AIImage Generation DesignDesigners CreatorsDesign your image and and order a T-shirt or other with it.
Jasper AIComplex Text creation with a your personal or brand tonality. Instant access to GPT-4 and others for topical resultsMarketing WritingMarketingUse it as your marketing co-pilot for complex texts and campaigns.
Jenni AIText enhancement including a plagiarism-checker and in-text citations. Make it a perfect tool for research papers and othersWritingResearch AcademicEasy-to-use tool with a free version.
Murf.AIAI-based voice generator. Creates high-quality lifelike voices with lots of variablesAudio MarketingMarketingDefinitely use it. Best in English. Other languages do not sound as natural yet. For podcasts/ videos/ professional presentations.
Runway30+ AI Tools for text-to-image/ image-to-image/ image-to-video promptsImage Generation Video GenerationMarketingEasy to use helpful features. Free version and pricing plans.
TribescalerThe AI algorithm generates irrestistable text hooks for twitter and Co.WritingMarketingAlso try the library with 1.000s of hooks
WordAIThe text generation tool humanizes content thereby allowing it to pass as human in AI detectorsWritingMarketingTry the comparison with other language models on their website. Free trial.
beatoven.aiCreates royalty-free music that elevates your storyAudio MarketingMarketingCreate royalty-free music in three fast and easy steps. Definitely try it. Free trial.
Lumen5This AI video creator automatically turns blog posts into videos or transform zoom recordings into helpfulclipsVideo Generation MarketingMarketingJust amazing how you can turn e.g. blogposts into short videos. We recommend the pro version!
ScalenutAn all-in-one AI-SEO app to simplify your SEO content stack Marketing WritingMarketingOne of the best systems to get your SEO organized. Free version available try it!
SimplifiedAI-tool to execute 20+ apps for your marketing activities including copywriting and video editingDesign Video Generation Writing MarketingMarketingManilfold functions in one tool free version available
MunchExtracts the most engaging and impactful clips from your long-form videosMarketing Video GenerationAllOnly pro version so not yet tested
FlikiThis text-to-speech & text-to-video converter helps you create audio and video content using AI voices Marketing Video GenerationMarketingEasy tool several languages that work well. Try it.
Eleven LabsAdvanced text-to-speech and voice cloning softwareAudioMarketingDefinitely use the free trial: It is worth it. 
Describely/ CopysmithCraft product content for your e-commerceMarketing WritingMarketingIf you are looking for high-quality product content for your online shop: Use it.
AnywordInstantly analyzes every piece of content you've ever published so you know which messaging works bestMarketing WritingMarketingVery impressive and helpful tool
RytrCreates high-quality contentWritingMarketing40+ use cases and templates to choose from to cover all your writing needs. Free and pro plan
PostwiseThis ghostwriter crafts engaging social media posts based on your inputWritingMarketingIt is easy and fast and and creative. Try it.
ScispaceSearch engine curated for scienceProductivityMarketingIt decodes any research paper: Hours worth of reading in minutes
ScholarcyAI-powered article summarizerProductivityMarketingBreaks down scientific content into bite-sized sections.
QuizgeckoGenerate online quizzes/ tests/ exams from your existing contentProductivity MarketingMarketingMake a unique quiz or test for your audience or yourself from any text or URL.
QuillbotParaphrasing tool which enhance your writingWritingMarketingStart by writing or pasting something and Quillbot will paraphrase it instantly.
StenoThis audio-to-text and video-to-text tool extracts insights from audio & video contentWritingMarketingVery useful for webinars/ podcasts/ videos.
SoundfulAI Music Generator for royalty-free musicAudio MarketingMarketingFree background music for your videos/ streams/ podcasts and Co.
Playlist AIAI playlist on Spotify or Apple Music created by your promptsAudioMarketingCreates playlists from images/ videos/ your favorite music.
KrispVoice AI which removes background voices/ noises/ echoes from all your callsAudio ProductivityMarketingHelp people focus on your message by eliminating audio disturbances.
CleanvoiceDetects and removes fillers sounds such as um's etc. in multiple languagesAudio MarketingMarketingRemoves filler sounds/ stuttering/ mouth sounds from your podcast or audio recording.
beepbooplyText-to-speech AI voice generatorAudio MarketingMarketingFree 13 minutes per month (as of 09.2023) voices are based on models by Google/ Microsoft/Amazon so we expect it to become even more powerful.
AudioStripSplits vocals from backing music and isolates instruments for freeAudioMarketingThis is a must-have if you are a musician.
Quickchat AIAI Assistants who answeers questions human-like and can be embedded as a chatbot in your productsProductivity MarketingMarketingUse it to automate your customer support search through your internal knowledge base or enhance your product with voice & audio functionality.
echowinThe AI answers calls automatically then transcribes them.Audio ProductivityMarketingZero Missed Calls. Intelligent responses to your callers. Actionable transcription and business insights. 30-day trial
Resemble.aiText-to-Speech/ Speech-to-Speech/ Neural Audio Editing/ Language DubbingAudioMarketingClone your voice to create human–like voice overs in seconds.
EssenseCustomer feedback and competitor analysisProductivityMarketingNoTransforms online user feedback and competitor’s data into actionable user insights.
NamelixGenerate a short and brandable business name using artificial intelligence.Marketing DesignMarketingSuggests 100s of names. Delivers logo/ CD ideas with it and is connected to a domain registry.
Google Text to SpeechAI-based voice generator. Creates high-quality lifelike voices with lots of variablesAudioMarketingThe best we found and it is free. Sounds natural not only in English but als German/French/ Spanish and more.
RevivePhoto Animation App by GoogleImage GenerationMarketingWant to make your dog sing? Your newborn talk? Use Revive. Only in Google Play Store.
face dance AIPhoto Animation App by AppleImage GenerationMarketingWant to make your dog sing? Your newborn talk? Use Revive. Only in Apple Store.
Brandcrowd Create a name and logo for your brand identity based on your company's name.DesignMarketingSuggests one name and delivers logos/ CD ideas as well.
LogoAIGenerates logos and matching stationery/ Corporate designDesignMarketingSuggests different logos with claim. Don't worry graphic designers: The logos are rather random.
TopMediAiHigh-end text-to-speech AI tool with several variablesAudioMarketingworks well for English voices
AI Colors Generates complimenting colors and color palettes from your promptsDesignDesigners CreatorsEasy to use and helpful design tool.
LeonardoCreate production-quality visual assetsImage GenerationMarketingHigh quality visuals for gaming/ concept art/ fashion/ marketing.
SudowriteThis AI-based story engine takes you step-by-step from idea to your bookWritingMarketingEver wanted to write a novel from start to finish in a week? Team up with sudowrite. Free trial and reasonably priced packages.
VimeoThe video hosting platform now offers complete video production with AIVideo GenerationMarketingProduce a video in minutes by automatically generating scripts and recording videos in one take and editing? Sounds too good to be true? So try it.
MusicGenAdvances music generation tool based on text prompts and filtersAudioMarketingLaunched by meta/Facebook. We expect it to become very powerful. Try it! 
SunoCreates music and speech with AIAudioMarketingPowerful tool. You have to have a discord account.
Gamma.AppCreates a presentation/ document/ webpage you can refine and customizeProductivity MarketingMarketingImpressive tool. We tested a AI-presentation for beginners and liked the quality we got.
Tome.AppIntegrated AI tools built for expression such as presentation slidesProductivity MarketingMarketingTome helps you figure out what yoiu want to say and how to say it in your own style.
ZapierBuild automated workflows with text prompts connecting several apps/ plugins/ softwareProductivity Marketing CodingMarketingCoding workflows integrating different software without being a coder sounds very good to us.
MakeVisually create/ build/ automate workflows connecting several apps/ plugins/ softwareProductivity Marketing CodingMarketingCoding workflows integrating different software without being a coder sounds very good to us.
BoffoThis AI gives you a hand in solving complex crossword puzzlesEntertainmentAllIf you need to cheat in a crossword puzzle do it with Boffo.
ApogeeIt uses AI to automate and manage your digital advertising campaigns across all the big platformsMarketing ProductivityMarketingAdvertising made easy save time.
AI MusicianThe name says it all. This AI composes music tracks based on your input.Audio EntertainmentAllIf you have no talent this AI can help.
Igniter AIOverview: AI tools. Tell the AI bot what you need and it will suggest tools for youProductivityMarketing
fraseAI text tool for SEO (keyword research/ outline/ text generator/ improvement suggestions)SEO TextMarketingNo
NeuraltextContent marketing: keyword research/ text generator/ product descriptions)

AI marketing tools: Our summary

We hope you found our ongoing collection of AI tools for marketers valuable. Please send us an email when you discover a new tool you consider noteworthy. While you harness AI in the business world and reap its benefits, remain vigilant about its challenges and pitfalls.